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Ready for Take-Off!

Hey y'all!

Welcome to the Chilly Dogs Blog!

This is our second dog business however we are new to y'all! We recently settled into our forever farm, here in Northwood, ND. We have been all over and back! We LOVE it up here! We are both used to the snow and enjoy the cloudy days. We moved from sunny SoCal and are just too excited to experience weather again. We are not originally from California - we have spent the last 5 years there. Ready to settle down and start letting our roots hold us in one spot for the rest of our days. This farm life is so exciting, something new every day. Learning as we grow! We are so thankful for our welcoming community, our neighbors have been a huge help to us! We are truly blessed to have landed in this spot!

Keep watching us as we continue to learn and make our way here in the Greater Grand Forks area!

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