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The Rhodesian's

Tia has trained and cared for our dogs for over a year.  She exudes a love for all animals and approaches them with confidence and joy that makes them comfortable.

Our 110 lb. male Ridgeback had extremely high anxiety, fear issues, and a complete lack of confidence. Tia has worked at a pace that he could deal with, backed down and redirected to keep him calm and focused when necessary. Something no other trainer did, (increasing his anxiety as they pushed him.) As a result his performance in sit, stay, & leave it, as well as his confidence, was greatly improved. To put it in perspective he couldn’t leave the house unless we were with him. (Even then his anxiety was high, jumping, lunging, all around poor behavior).

Today he listens to Tia, they takes walks together, work on obedience and scent work, he performs as expected WITHOUT the previous level of anxiety.  With Rue as well as my sisters pup (no emotional issues) they both progressed immensely with each lesson under Tia’s training methods.

As a care giver Tia was reliable and loving with our dogs. We always received updates and photos. (She’s a fabulous dog photographer!!) It’s a comfort to be away from home and know your pets are in the best of loving hands.

As a business owner Tia is professional, responsible, reliable and a delight to work with. We are very sorry to see her move. You couldn’t choose a better trainer for your dog.

The Barker's

Tia is the absolute best! She is by far the most trustworthy pet sitter I have ever met. I am very picky with who I leave my dogs and horses with and Tia is the only person I 100% trust with them.

She sends pictures and updates often while we're away and she follows my lengthy and very detailed instructions exactly as I ask. She is amazing with all dogs. My pack includes 2 very skittish pups and one aggressive one, and she makes them fall in love with her very quickly, not an easy feat! I am never worried when my dogs are with her. I could not recommend her more for pet sitting, dog walking, and training!

Arwen + Jack 

Tia is absolutely AMAZING with dogs.

She has given me so many tools and boosted my confidence so much. Tia graciously stayed with my dogs for 4 nights and did such a great job! They didn't even miss me! Tia helped my very reactive German Shepherd learn to stay in place for long periods of time and ignore outer stimuli. If you know shepherds, then you know how big of a deal this is! Tia is great with the easiest dogs and the most aggressive. My dog trusted her right away and Tia continues to carry that bond. Tia is not only amazing with dogs, but takes the time to explain thoroughly the tools and routine that can best help you and your dog succeed. I highly recommend her for any pet needs!

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