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rainy days in ND

Howdy friends!

It's been a rainy week here in the Greater Grand Forks area. Thankfully we are able to get out for early walks before the afternoon showers.

We live in the "Fly-Zone," meaning many migrating birds are flocking above head these days. Proud of our little Dobbie, our Catahoula mix (Louisiana bird dog). It is a must that Dobbie wears her e-collar on our walks. Although she has come so long, we barely have to use it. Her recall is superb to our standards. We have been able to communicate clearly and keep her safe, for her own good.

A firm "Dobbie, Heel" or "Leave-It" is all I need to do these days. However, she had to be slightly reminded to listen to instructions this morning due to some Geese resting in the farm field. Thankful for our tools, the e-collar gave me the chance to break her from focusing on the Geese and listen to me. My fault for not catching her before she had her sights locked in.

We love the help of our e-collar! A nice backup when living the off-leash farm dog life!

Stay happy and positive y'all!

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